Still e​.​p.

by Small Awesome

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This is a crude, digital facsimile of the Still e.p.
by Small Awesome.

The limited-run, hand-made CDs with machine-cut, hand-silk-screened (thank you, Night Owls Print Shop) aircraft-grade aluminum covers and hand-cut false-metal tray cards are available from the band. write for details.

release 05/03/12
the STILL e.p.

Written and played by SMALL AWESOME
Faiz Razi (throat, guitar)
Jim MacGregor (bass)

Recorded and mixed by Matt Engstrom
with Vanessa Smetkowski (cello)
and Jim Birch (love)
at, 2009-2011


released May 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Small Awesome Chicago, Illinois

electrified troubadour rock duo

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Track Name: Bereavement Notice in Comic Sans
No clown's calligraphy
No humorous headstone
No laffy epitaph
In the scrawl of a child

Oh, when I go
Please do not forward it on
Oh, when I fall
Don't post it on your wall

Play "God Only Knows" when I go
And "Raining in Darling"
Save space, and save my face
Don't bury me lain down
Fire me, by cannon,
Face-first through the ground
Headstone at my feet
Reads in Salut:
"Inspiring Dude, Knew How to Execute"

Oh, when I go

Hand-make the hinges
Hand-carve the marble
Get me into the ground

Oh, when I fall
Oh, when I fall
Track Name: Sunstrummer
For my first decade on the isle
I figured I'd
stake my claim
and take some time to pick a name
One that reflects this place
just like the sea reflects the sky

I'd tick my time off on the trees
a sharpened stone to mark upon the bark
distracted in the act of counting them
three thousand at a time

like a cubit
only pyramid-sized

My second decade in exile
I took to ruling every grain of sand
I'd clench my fist and watch as
handfuls of my minions sift away

or a drip in a drain

My third decade upon the isle
I finally
could accurately calculate
how long it'd take
to wait in place
until the world revolved around me
for a change

My final day
I realized I'd named this island after you
Track Name: Slow Doe
If I call you dear
would you call me, doe?
I could fawn all over you
I know

Look as lovely when you say hello
as when you turn to go
Ah, doe

if I call you dear
would you call me, doe?
Gambol like a sheep
fiendin' on you

I could fill your ears with empty words
and remain unheard

I could sit inside this empty room
It feels like a tomb
I'll go

If I call you dear
would you call me, doe?
Track Name: Spanish Flensing
Pigs they lifted up the grates
All over town
to help the water dissipate
and so you spiral

You spiral down
the murky brown
Swallows you away from me

Officers, they stand around
Telling me you'd drown
as though I hadn't noticed
standing waist-deep in their

Boot-clicking pigs,
How'd you like a beating? See,

I've got about half a mind
to pull you right out of the window
of the patrol car

and smash your skull
against the roof
How'd you think you'd like that, pig?

and smash your skull
against the roof
How'd you think you'd like that, pig?
Track Name: To Breathe
Hold us
so close
we can't breathe

hold us
to thee

hold us
to thee

to know
oh, to know I can breathe
you say
I won't

and now
and now I can see
I see

if only I had listened
listened when you said
darling, let's just go home
let's go home instead
we could find ourselves
find ourselves at home
holding you,
holding me to you
oh, to hear you say
hear you say just one time
pull me out of these wet things
push your lips to mine
push your lips to mine
push your lips to mine