Awesome e​.​p.

by Small Awesome

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This is a crude, digital facsimile of the Awesome e.p.
by Small Awesome.

The limited-run, hand-made, hand-spray-painted CDs (thank you, Beth Wiedner) with hand-cut, hand-silk-screened wood covers (thank you, Jay Ryan) and hand-cut wood-grain tray cards are available from the band. write for details.


released April 15, 2011

the AWESOME e.p.

Written and played by SMALL AWESOME
Faiz Razi (throat, ukulele, guitar)
Jim MacGregor (bass, guitar)

Recorded and mixed by Matt Engstrom
with John Barlow (lap steel)
and Jim Birch/Vanessa Smetkowski (love)
at, 2009-2011



all rights reserved


Small Awesome Chicago, Illinois

electrified troubadour rock duo

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Track Name: I Don't Think Any of Them Do
Two of us up again
Three in the morning
Before the city lights
Expire (one by one)
Sick from the sound of it
Let's even it out again
End the hate

Who are you?
I don't think any of them do

Who are you?
I don't think any of them do
Track Name: Thunderchief
Oh, to finally know
how quickly lightning fades
Orange ember's glow
washed out by the rain

Oh, to be completely
devoid of blame
Oh, to find a way

We shall overcome
We are underwhelmed
We shall overthrow
and topple amongst ourselves
Track Name: It So
It so happens I've been thinking
of your head on a plate
It stares at me never blinking
Can it see it's own fate?
Locked up inside a box
beneath a crown
above a cloth
inside a case

It's been so long since I've felt your
your hands on my face
as they travel down around me
as they encircle my waist
and now they keep your bones
inside a golden arm
locked up inside a case

It so happens
I've been singing to a skull
that is both deaf and dumb

It so happens
I've been hoping
that you'll finally wake
Track Name: Song No. 1
Oh, no
You're shaking with cold
Your voice it has frozen so sweetly
Like honey

Oh, dear
You're shaking with fear
Your hands and the phones are all

I'd swing from the trees
before I'd abandon you
Swing me
Swing me

Even with a rope 'round my throat
Under pulley's sway, I
I won't choke
Linger on that chair so long
Take my breath as they
kick it out
and hoist me up on high

Honestly, honey
Track Name: the Ivy Twines
sweet thing
You've been sleeping
oh, so peacefully
and by dawn
I plan to be gone
As I endlessly embellish the truth
I'll be here until you
awake in the room
I'll linger here
until you come to

Hear this, sweetness
I've been sleeping
more or less and less
Dreaming of them
marble shrines
all enveloped with
ivy twines around the trellises,
This might be where we'll meet
Where the sky meets the sea
Before I drift
I pull you to me